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Promoting & Teaching Tang Soo Do Since 2007


International Tang Soo Do Federation

Chong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim began training in Tang Soo Do, in Korea, at the age of 10. After emigrating to the United States, he founded the International Tang Soo Do Federation in 1984, creating a standardization of instruction to ensure that Tang Soo Do will continue to be taught in its original form for generations to come.  


For future generations

These I.T.F. guidelines not only include the technical aspects of Tang Soo Do, but also the methods of instruction as applied by each I.T.F. registered and certified Kyo Sa Nim (instructor) worldwide.

10 articles of faith

At S-P-A Karate we teach the "10 Articles of Faith" (right), which center around loyalty, obedience, cooperation, respect, and perseverance.

"Best of the Best!"

- Patricia G.

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A lifetime of practice

With unending dedication, time, and patience, Chong Jae Nim C.S. Kim, has brought the peace and harmony of traditional Tang Soo Do into the lives of thousands of practitioners over the years.